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In the scheme of things, the use of ply shells for drums is a relatively new phenomena. Their use was brought on largely by the fierce competition of the major drum builders of the mid 20th century in an effort to cut costs. Prior to constructing drums out of ply shells, skilled drum builders used a painstaking process called "steam bending" to construct a drum.

A steam bent shell begins with a long wood "plank". This plank is placed in a steam chamber, where the steam temporarily breaks down the wood fibers making them pliable. The plank is then taken out of the chamber and quickly bent around a mold where it takes on the shape of the drum. Steam bent rings are then meticulously glued into the inside of the shell to give the shell additional structural integrity.

RatTrap Solid Shell Snare Drums feature this steam-bent construction, a return to the craftsmanship of a bygone era, but with a "new" twist. These drums are now being offered in a multitude of different wood species, both domestic and exotic. Unlike their cookie-cutter ply shell cousins, RatTrap Solid Shell Snare Drums offer unique voicings, even subtle differences within the same species off wood.

These drums can be offered with RatTrap lugs, or with the more traditional Tube Lugs.