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Thank you for taking the time to visit Tiger Paw Custom Drum Samples.

My vision as a drum builder is to provide my customers a true custom drum buying experience; an experience that will provide you with drums that will be treasured for a lifetime.

I believe many drums being produced today are among the best drums ever made. While the drum itself has evolved only incrementally over thousands of years, the science of drum building in the last 20 years has grown exponentially. There are in fact drums of good quality being produced in Taiwan for very nominal prices.

So why would somebody ever consider buying custom-built drums?

Tiger Paw Drums takes the art of building hip hop drum kits to a new plane. These drums are truly hand-crafted and are produced for discriminating drummers by a discriminating drummer.

My customers have the ability to interact directly with me - the same guy hand selecting and cutting the wood for their new stave drum. The same guy obsessing over new ideas and taking risks that many of the bigger companies just can't afford to take. My customers also know that when they talk to me, the person building their drums is a drummer and that their ideas are not getting lost somewhere on an assembly line. They know that the money they are investing in their drums is applied directly to the time and materials needed to make their drums and not being applied to sending free drums to the legions of famous drummers on Big Company X's roster.

If you are the type of person who appreciates the value of this type of personalized service and innovation, I welcome you take a look around. I will listen to and respect the ideas you have and will work tirelessly to help you invest in what you consider to be the perfect drum or drums.